Product Detail

Basic Info

Model: ZK - D4330

Brand: ZKTeco CO., LTD

Product Description

ZK-D4330 adapts beam structure, modular design, and hidden wiring design. This design not only is more convenient for installation, maintenance and logistics, but also enables higher security level.

Advanced robust and washable panels.

High durability, Anti-wearing and weather-proof stucture.

Input voltage(mm): 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Working temperature: -20℃--+50℃
External Dimensions (mm): 2220 (H) x 930(W) x 760(D)
Channel Dimensions (mm): 2010 (H) x 760(W) x 760 (D)
Package Dimensions (mm): 2300 (H) x 335(W) x 800 (D)
Gross weight: 70 kg


  • 33 detection zones
  • 7”LCD HD display interface
  • Remote control
  • Simple installation and use
  • Excellent anti-interference ability and stability
  • Each zone has 300 adjustable sensitivity level
  • Supports various language interface customization
  • Higher accuracy and verification speed
  • Compliant with NIJ 0601.02