Turnstile Tripod in the Philippines

Product Detail

Basic Info

Model NO.: RNCF - 838

Product Description

The turnstile provides a basic tripod to control access smoothly and effectively by basic operation, and also prevent illegal in and out. The machine is well in design, rustproof, durable and can resist external destroy.

Standard: right corner & inclined corner Framework: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
-- -- Dimension: 1200*280*980mm
-- -- Weight: 70kg
-- -- Arms length: 510mm
-- -- Machine center: Imported Germanic technological motor
-- -- Logic voltage: 24v
Turnstile Functions


  1. Single/double walkway---controlled in one direction or both
  2. A valid lock action can allow one passage at one time
  3. Normally open---the machine will unlock when a valid signal is received
  4. It will lock automatically if passage through turnstile is not completed within pre-set time, the set time can be adjusted via parameter change.
Turnstile Emergency Configuration


Emergency configuration: The tripod will drop automatically by power off or by hand to provide a clear walkway for escape in the event of an emergency.
Interface: One standard port-RS485
Control panel with count and LED digital function
Traffic-light: A Red Cross symbol will illuminate to indicate the unit is not available for pass, and a green arrow indicate the direction of allowable passing.
Transit speed: 20— — 30 persons per minute
Work environment:Indoor/outdoor
Temperature: 10 below degree to 50 degree