Intelligent Flap barrier turnstile in the Philippines

Product Detail

Basic Info

Company Name: Shenzhen RONA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Product Description

The retractable sliding gate turnstile controls pedestrian access between public and secure areas. The turnstile lane uses an array of optical sensors to determine the number and direction of persons passing through the lane. The turnstile uses a retractable sliding gate to block the pedestrian’s path.
The sliding turnstile system is provided with a standard electric interface and can easily integrates the common 3rd party equipment with read/write facilities, such as access control system, bar-code scanner, Token /ID/IC card reader, time & attendance system, coin collector, card collector, biometric systems (fingerprint & face recognition), consumption system, ESD system and fare collection system, etc.
Framework Material: 304# Stainless Steel
Material Of Sliding: Tempered Glass
Power Voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±10%
Input Port: Relay Dry Contact Signal; +12V Level Signal And Pulse Width >100ms, DC12V Pulse Signal
Dimension: 1400L*310W*1000H Mm
Height Of Sliding Gate: Max Of 1500mm
Working Environment: Indoor/Outdoor (with Rain-tent Cover)
Communications Port: RS232/ RS485
Turnstile Functions

Operational Models

The turnstile provides bi-directional access control. Each direction may be in one of three states:

  • 1. Free passage: all person are authorized to pass under all conditions
  • 2. Controlled access: each person must use a card reader before being authorized to pass
  • 3. Lane closed: no persons are authorized to pass, and security cards are ignored