Flap Barrier Turnsitle in the Philippines

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Basic Info

Company Name: Shenzhen RONA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Product Description

The RNCF H8008-5 luxury speed gate pursues a combination of artistic and modern elements, and it is very ideal for elegant location.

The luxury speed gate has a wide passage width to accomodate pedestrians, users with luggage or package and bicycles.

The luxury speed gate integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies, conveniently compatible with access control systems, barcode cards and biometric equipment.

The luxury speed gate provides a high level of security and high capacity by adopting reliable security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators etc.

Framework: 304# Stainless Steel (default), 201# or 316# Stainless Steel or paint (optional)
Thickness of ply: 1.7mm
Finish: brushed surface, polishing surface
Shell's size (L*W*H): Φ141mm*H1005mm (default)
Swing arm material: Tempered glass or Acrylic (optional)
Stretching out swing length: 260mm~600mm
Power voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±10%
Driver motor: DC36 servo motor
Main-board voltage: 12V DC
Passing speed in normally open mode: 50 persons/min
Passing speed in normally closed mode: 40 persons/min
Passage Width: 600mm
Swing arm transmission angle: 180°
Operation temperature: -10℃ ~ +70℃
Relative humidity: less than 95% not condensed
Turnstile Functions


Typical areas of application are: Government Facilities, Corporate Lobbies, Buildings, Banks, Hotel, Super market, Park, Building Sites, Museums and Retail outlets etc.